TESDA Courses in the Philippines
Posted on: 07/23/2018, by : Mary Chacon
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TESDA was established in the year 1994 under the leadership of Fidel as part of the technical education Act of 1994. The primary purpose of this program was to spearhead the skills and development in the private and public sector to prevent overlapping. This is also one of the best programs that have a significant demand across the world and more especially in the Philippines. Therefore, when you are looking for TESDA courses in the Philippines, make sure that you know the best course to choose because they offer more than a hundred courses.

Enrolling in a TESDA course

Enrolling in a TESDA courseOnce you have gone through the courses that are offered, you will end up selecting the best course that will suit your requirements. First, you need to look for an accredited TESDA center and make the inquiry concerning the program you intend to pursue. After you have made the inquiry, they will schedule an exam for you, and once you pass the admission test, you will be asked to submit the required requirements for completion. Also, you will be notified of the commencing date of your program.

Enrolling for TESDA online courses

When you are enrolling for TESDA online courses, you need to have an internet-abled device that will help you to register for a course you are interested in. When you are conducting your research, you will know the best site that you will use to log into. By doing that, you can then pick the course you are interested in and then click on the module you are required to study. Once you are sure on the module, you want to enroll, click the yes option and you will commence your training immediately.

When can I enroll?

The enrollment calendar will depend on the training or school center that is offering the course. Therefore, before you select your school, you are required to check the enrollment schedule. Different training centers have different enrollment calendars. That is why you need to check on their actual program before you make your final decision.

The training duration

The training durationWhen you are choosing a TESDA course, you need to know the exact duration you will be taking. However, it is essential to understand that the training duration will depend on the type of a course you are interested in. Also, make sure that you choose a right training center that has enough resources. This will help you to take the shortest time possible to complete your TESDA course.…