Many universities in the UK either offer full or partial MBA scholarships. The criterion for selection and the offer given usually depends on the options available in the particular university. Here are some of the different MBA scholarships in the UK offered by some of the major universities

Global banking and finance scholarshipsfinance scholarships

This scholarship is meant for people who are pursuing a career in the finance and banking sectors. Apart from academic qualification, one must also have professional experience in either finance or banking. An international working experience is an added advantage for those who are interested. The openings are usually advertised online.

Women in Business Scholarship

This scholarship is meant to empower women in the business sector. The criterion used for selection includes an individual’s academic performance, professional achievements, and leadership capabilities. The offer can either be full or partial scholarship.

International business scholarships

The University of Birmingham offers this scholarship to both the local and the international students. The criterion for selection usually depends on the academic ability and qualification of the individuals. Applicants are also required to have worked in a managerial position in two different countries apart from their countries of origin. The beneficiaries of this scholarship are usually given an average of about £5,000. This scholarship is recurrent, and one can always check online whether the applications are open.

Manchester Merit-scholarships

This scholarship is meant to reward students with excellent performance. One needs to have a minimum GMAT score of 600 for them to qualify. Students with an equivalent GRE score are can also be considered. The award usually ranges from £5,000 – £20,000.

The Young Potential Leaders Scholarship

This is a special offer for the youthful class. It is a scholarship that is awarded to students who emerge top in the young potential leader’s admission. They are usually awarded £25,000 per student.

The Rosgen Family Scholarship

The UniversRosgen Family Scholarshipity of Birmingham usually offers this scholarship. It is only meant for students in Central and South America. One has to come from a background that is in need of financial help so as to be considered.

Africa MBA Scholarship

Just like the Rosgen family scholarship, the Africa MBA is scholarship is meant for the needy students specifically from the African continent. This is a full scholarship and is also offered by academic merit.

Many MBA scholarships in the UK are available to different students worldwide. Those who are interested can apply online on the on the university’s website once the positions are open.…