Why the need to study English
Posted on: 11/10/2017, by : Mary Chacon
English learning for kids

It is vital for one to equip themselves with education because they will be able to understand how to tackle life in the future. It is the process of learning or teaching to gain knowledge, values, skills, habits, and beliefs. Most of the teachers are trained and also equipped with the knowledge about a particular subject. Students who can complete their lower classes between the ages of 11 and 12 years are awarded a High School Certificate. This certificate is an international recognition for students who qualify for vocational training, tertiary studies or employment. Being trained is what one needs to get a course.

Different individuals prefer choosing a course of their preference which they will appreciate studying. The study of English language is what most of theEnglish class students prefer. It helps improve your grammar, ability to communicate or speak fluently and write good essay or articles. Metropolis nineteen eighty four is an example of an excellent institution where you can learn to speak and write fluent English. Learning to communicate English is very significant in English speaking countries. The knowledge of English language creates many international opportunities. Some of them may include:

Job opportunities

Being able to speak and write in the English language opens employment and job opportunities in many markets or countries. An example is the Commonwealth of Nations that is made up of fifty plus nations, offers numerous employment opportunities for those who can communicate and understand the English language. One can also be employed as a teacher or a trainer in schools, universities or private institutions which encourage the study of English language. This can be an opportunity for you and can help change your life.

Higher learning

The study of English language is vital in higher education. Universities and colleges attract the most number of students. In most institutions of higher learning such as medical universities, business schools or advanced study institutes, the use of English language is common in every subject or activity. Technical and journals periodicals that give international acclaim to engineers, scientist, technocrats, and technologist are usually printed in English. This proves that understanding this type of language is of a significant advantage to you and the society.

Digital age

English private classEnglish is the fourth most widely language used in most countries. It also has official status in nations where it’s not the national speaking language. Today most of the digital sites such as Google use English as their universal language. Other hardware and software installation guides are usually available in English first before being translated into different languages.…