How to Prepare for Medical Entrance Exams
Posted on: 03/28/2019, by : Harry Kenney
preparing for exams

Each year, a lot of students appear for medical entrance tests to achieve their dreams of becoming doctors. However, as the number of candidates continues to increase each year, only students that have prepared themselves well and can handle pressure can perform better as compared to others in medical entrance exams.

The truth is that medical entrance exams are quite difficult to crack. This is because they need a lot of focus, expert practical work, and deep analysis. With all these, there are different reasons a person should feel nervous and under a lot of pressure. The key success mantra is to be calm and prepare for the entrance exam. It is a good idea to prepare by self-relaxation. The following are some of the proven tips to help you.


checklistYou need to come up with a timetable to make exam preparation quite easy for you. Also, at the same time, you can be assured of great time management. For instance, if you are taking coaching or tuition to prepare for the test, you should schedule your time accordingly. It is advisable to study at each subject for at least 2 hours each day. Remember that you have the flexibility to adjust your time to suit your comfort. You can divide the time spent on every subject as 1 hour in the evening and 1 hour in the morning.

If you are not participating in a coaching or tuition program, you should increase your study time for each subject to at least 3 hours daily. Also, solve as many past test papers as much as you can.

Important Subjects

For NBME preparation or other common medical entrance tests, you need to study chemistry, English, general knowledge, biology, and physics. You should concentrate more on biological sciences, especially on topics related to zoology, botany, biomolecules, plantae, animalia, and ecology. For physics, you should study topics such as modern physics, laws of motion, kinematics, and electro statistics.

Preparation Tips

testYou need to be confident and positive. Never rush through the subjects. Instead, be calm and concentrate. You need to plan your time accordingly. Refer to the right study materials and books. Solve these new NBME forms and set daily targets. Remember to sleep properly, stay healthy, and eat well.

Online Coaching

Nowadays, different websites are offering online coaching for various medical entrance exams. The good thing with online coaching is that it helps a learner to master subjects easily. In addition, it can be done from home and minimal resources are required.…