The Apartments on West Campus Austin
Posted on: 08/03/2016, by : Mary Chacon
outside look of an apartment

West campus is packed with a variety of apartments. Students who reside in this area can get the best condos at affordable costs. There are several apartments that you can rent to get the best out of your off-campus life. Living outside school is the best thing you could do. It makes you experienced before you graduate.

However, the condos around west campus are also suitable for homeowners who want a beautiful residential place. The apartments west campus offers you with a range of activities that you can perform. The apartments on west campus austin provides shelter to most of the students in the university.  Are you looking for condos around west campus? Well, here are just some of the apartments that you will get in this area.

Apartments in the area

Austonian condo community

The Austonian condo community is one of the custom masterpieces. It has a modern touch and offers you with an condoincredible view of Austin. This condo is located at 200 Congress Avenue. Its listing price is $4,700,000. This beautiful residence is on the 43rd floor.

It does not have a waterfront, but there is a pool for relaxing when you feel tired after a long day. This building has been in existence for a long time since it was built in 2008. It is 3,542 square foot with three bedrooms and three bathrooms.

Town Lake Residences condo

It is one of the residences located in four season’s residences. It is built in the best location, and it is very stylish. This residence has walls, custom floors, ceilings, and bathrooms. The other good thing about this apartment is the fact that each of its bedrooms has a terrace.

Also, you also get the best view of downtown Austin. The town lake residence is located in 98 San Jacinto, and the price is $6,250,000. It was built in 2001, but it does not have a waterfront. The parking spaces are adjacent to each other making it easy to park your car.

Town Lake Residences condo

Town Lake Residences condoThe town Lakes apartments are beautiful building located in 98 San Jacinto. The view of the city is just fantastic. You get two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Furthermore, the asking price for this condo is $2,795,000. If you want luxury, then the town lake residence is the ideal property to buy.

Get the best view of Austin Texas by getting this condo. You will be grateful you bought it. Look no further for the best condo than the town lake residences. You are guaranteed of getting value for your money. Give your family the best experience in Austin.…