A Review of the Best SAT Prep Book For 2016

An exam such as SAT requires adequate preparation to enable you to excel. It is because this examination is very competitive, and thus you as a student have to work hard to realize your desired results. Numerous books are available in the market for you to choose from to help you read and revise for the test. Therefore, the first step towards your accomplishment is getting the right revision material. However, due to the high number existing, selecting the best SAT preparation book for you can be a challenging task. The Best Gmat prep Book gives the learners the best preparation during the exam period. Below is a review of the Official SAT Study Gide (2016 Edition), which has been ranked the best in 2016 to help succeed in your study.


Authors of the book

What makes the Official SAT Study Guide (2016 Edition) to stand out as the best book for you this year is its writers. testA group of professionals who set the actual SAT exam has written it, and with their experience in setting this exam, they have included all you need to know about the SAT exam.

As its name suggests, the book is the official study guide for the SAT. Consequently, as a student, you need to get a grip of it for your guidance in revision.

Content of the book

The next good thing about this SAT preparation book is its content. It follows the new SAT exam format to encompass the entire four full-length practice tests required to guide into passing the examination. Every practice question within the book has a corresponding detailed answer for you to confirm with your answers.

These answers are important because they give an opportunity to counter-check your answers as you revise to enable you to gauge your preparedness for the official test. It also has other contents such as the techniques and pointers to show you how to try the questions and the explanations on the structure of the tests.

Predictability of the exams

Since those who set the SAT exam wrote the study guide, by using it you can easily predict what to expect regarding questions in the final examination day. Predictability is a good thing because it helps you build you confidence for the exam, which translates to passing with excellence.


DrawbackThe only significant challenge with this study guide is that students can get all its contents online at no cost. It means that if you can study online, then you do have any reason to purchase it for your SAT preparation.

If you have difficulties studying online, then you can get its hard copy as a fee. Another challenge with the book is the lack of chapters in the contents.…

Choosing The Best Nursery School For Your Child

Choosing the right nursery school is important for your kid since it gives them a great head start in life. However, settling on a good school can be a daunting task especially if you have no idea on where to start. Here are some of the factors you should keep in mind the next time you are in search of a nursery school for your kid.

The location

colored pencils

Before settling for a nursery school, you need to think of a perfect place. Consider whether the site has to be closer to your work, family or home. Sometimes you can’t find any good schools in your locality and in such instances its important that you look further afield. It is not easy settling on a school in an area you are not familiar, and it’s important that you ask for recommendations from family or friends. Better yet try to speak with other parents to determine whether their thoughts and ideas match your aspirations.

The nursery setup

You need to understand that nurseries come in all shapes and sizes and this includes stand alone nurseries, large commercial enterprises and those attached to a school. Depending on your selection choice you need to understand that the school setting does not in any way relate to the teaching style. That said, it’s important that you critically evaluate the quality of education offered at the institution.

Be flexible

You don’t have to feel like you ought to stick to your initial choice. If things are not working as expected, you need to think of your options. Most parents worry about how the nursery school will prepare their kids for junior school and also high school later in life. Nursery schools that are highly sought after by junior schools for their exemplary performance should be an excellent choice for any parent. Despite all these factors, there are a few practicalities you should consider before the initial visit. For instance, evaluate whether a nursery school has flexible pick up and drop off points. Also, you need to look into their medical scheme to determine what might happen if your child gets sick.

A suitable environment


Take note that settings can be as colorful and varied as children and their care. Some kids thrive in a calm, ordered environment while others prefer a more busy yet purposeful setting with plenty of bursts. Some parents think that children need routine, boundaries, and rules while other parents firmly believe that their children are free to experiment, explore and lead their learning. Regardless of your thoughts on the nature and type of school, it’s important to settle on schools that seek to develop your child’s confidence and also encourage good behavior and cooperation.…